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На Херсонщине отметили Международный день театра

Для Херсонщины это важный праздник, ведь «Херсонский областной академический музыкально-драматический театр» знают не только в Украине, но и за ее пределами More

На Херсонщине почтили память лидера Народного руха Украины и правозащитника Вячеслава Черновола

Сегодня исполнилось 16 лет со дня гибели выдающегося политического и общественного деятеля, основателя и лидера "Народного Руха Украины", Вячеслава Чорновила. More

На Херсонщине провели благотворительные мероприятия ко Всемирному дню солнечных детей

21 марта отмечается Всемирный день человека с синдромом Дауна. Накануне этого дня, 20 марта, Херсонская областная организация поддержки детей с синдромом Дауна и их семей организовала информационно-просветительскую акцию «Мы разные, но мы вместе» в Херсонском государственном университете. More
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Andriy Putilov Initiated to Determine Areas of Responsibility for the Conditions of Checkpoints
The Head of Regional State Administration Andriy Putilov initiated the development of materials that should display the area of responsibility for the conditions of checkpointsMore
Kherson Celebrates the 71st Anniversary of Liberation from Nazi Invaders
Today, March 13, the 71st Anniversary of Liberation from Nazi Invaders of Kherson is celebrated. The celebrations were held at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in the Park of Glory due to this remarkable dateMore
The Meeting Devoted to the Day of Honoring of Participants in Military Operations in Other Countries Took Place in Kherson Region
In Kherson region this day took place the meeting devoted to the Day of Honoring of Participants in Military Operations in Other Countries and the 26th Anniversary of Withdrawal of Troops of the Former USSR from the Republic AfghanistanMore
The Reanimobile from Kherson Region was sent to the ATO Zone
Today at 12.00 on Svoboda Square took place the solemn departure of the resuscitation ambulance to the anti-terrorist operation zone which was donated to Kherson region by collective of the program “Khorobri sertsia” of the 1 + 1 Сhannel in memory of the killed in anti-terrorist operation soldier of the battalion "Kherson", surgeon Vladyslav KovaliovMore
The Additional Controlled Borders Are Established on the Territory of Kherson Region
From February 10, 2015 the regulations on restricted access to border areas also is established on the territory of Novotroitsk and Chaplynka districts in Kherson region according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “Some issues of raising the national security of Ukraine” dated January 30, 2015 №38More
Unified Center of Assisting for Internally Displaced People Works in the Region
All citizens who were forced to leave their homes in the Eastern regions of Ukraine need help. That is why by the Regional State Administration was created the Unified Center of Assisting for Internally Displaced PeopleMore
The Сommemorative Plaque in Honor of the Killed Countryman is Opened in Chornobaivka
On February 4, 2015 in the village Chornobaivka of Bilozerka district took place the meeting – requiem on the occasion of opening of a commemorative plaque in honor of 21-years-old Denys Koza, who perished during anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, the lieutenant, the commander of a platoon of the 25th separate Air Assault Brigade, who deceased on August 17, 2014 in Donetsk region, defending the Fatherland from terroristsMore
A Minute of Silence Was Observed in Tribute to the People Dead in Fire in Kalanchak District
The Head of the region Andriy Putilov together with employees of the Regional State Administration at 12.00 p. m. observed a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the military dead in fire in Kalanchak districtMore
Andriy Putilov Visited the Militaries Injured in the Fire
Today the Head of Regional State Administration Andriy Putilov together with his First Deputy Valentyna Sichova visited the militarians who have suffered in the fire on a dislocation place in the village Chervonyi Chaban of the Kalanchak districtMore
Representatives of the Regional State Administration Met With the President of Spanish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Michael Petrunyak
On February 2, 2015 the President of Spanish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Michael Petrunyak visited the Regional State AdministrationMore
Regional State Administration Creates the Project of Concept of Tourist and Resort Industry Development of Kherson Region
On January 30, 2015 took place the next enlarged meeting of the regional working group focused on preparation of Project of Concept of Tourist and Resort Industry Development of Kherson Region at the Department of Foreign Trade, Tourism and Resorts of the Kherson Regional State AdministrationMore
European Conditions for Entry/Exit Will Be Provided at the Checkpoint "Chongar"
"Chongar" is planned to be improved by 4-lane road for more convenient movement of transport. Also, the service zone, hotels and parking will be createdMore
The Investment Attractiveness of Kherson Region Was Discussed in Regional State Administration
"Investment attractiveness of the region is extremely important. It is difficult to develop the economy now because of the social and political situation which has developed today, but we can not stop. We should move ahead, because only showing attractiveness and economic potential of Kherson region, we will be able to attract the maximum amount of investors and ensure the growth of amount of working places, " - said Andriy PutilovMore
Kherson Region Commemorates the Day of Reunion of Ukraine
This day the residents of Kherson Region laid flowers at monuments to prominent sons of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko and Viacheslav ChornovilMore
The Memorial Plaque in Honor of Deceased in ATO Oleksandr Reichert Is Opened
Today, on January 21, 2015 in building of Kherson Hydrometeorological Technical School memorial plaque in honor of Oleksandr Reichert, soldier of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, in the day of his 19th birthday, was openedMore
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